Location:  Bamako/MALI
Today’s date: December 04, 2016
Report source (name and e-mail): Nata DAO Emmanuel
Period covered by the activity:  November

ACTIVITIES: November has been the busiest months in activity.
1. Teaching.
a.) In last month report I said that the Christian Evangelic Church                in Badalabougou has scheduled two weekends for holistic                      ministry teaching. So, last November 05 was the second                        weekend and I taught: The irreducible minimum and the church              as a window. There were 12 participants. As a result, the                        church decided that they will walk and pray in and for the                        quarter. After this spiritual activity, they will decide what                          concrete activity to do in order to demonstrate God’s love in the              area. (Pictures 1)

        b.) The second teaching activity has been on November 19 to a                  small church women.  Participants: 12 (11 women + the                          pastor). Topic taught: the role of the church in society. They                    committed to apply (individually and as a group of the church)                the teaching in their neighborhood.(Pictures 2& 3)

2. Disciple of love.
a.) A son of a non Christian widow came to me and explained                      their problems: they lack food and have to pay 3 months rents                for their house. I assisted them with rice, corn, and some                        money.

        b.) Assistance of to Alain, a young Togolese who lives in Guinea                Bissau with his aunt and had been to Liberia to search for his                parents who left him when he was 6 (he is now a high school                  boy). He did not found out his parents and spent all the money              he had. On his way back to Guinea Bissau, he passed through              Bamako. But I don’t know how it happened that someone led                  him to my house. I just think that it’s been a good work that the              Lord has made for me.  (Picture 5: Alain entering in a taxi to the bus station)


mali-1 mali-2 mali-3 mali


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