Esther Amos, Nigeria. January Report

Country: NIGERIA

Date: 01-31 of January, 2016.
Report source (name and e-mail): Esther Amos (

Small Group Training’s
In the month under review, we had two Sundays of small group on 24th and 31st of January respectively. The training was facilitated by me, and one of our trainee, brother Amatini Denis. The reason for having the training for only two Sundays within the month is because we had a two weeks fasting and prayer programme at the beginning of the year.

Esther January Report 2

Esther January Report 3
Some Cross sections of Small group training’s

Love action to Brother Ayo.
One young man by the name Ayo who began to attend our worship services (not on a consistent basis) lately, we invited him on the 24th of January to find out why. He told us how he lost his job and how it affected everything around his life.
He was barely able to have one meal a day. His story was so pathetic that I had to give him raw rice, a tuber of yam and some dry fish to go home and take care of himself. He was so grateful and gave God the glory.

We are saying a big thank you to all our supporters who have selflessly given financial support and prayer backing to the harvest ministry work in West Africa. May your labour of love not be in vain. May the grace of God be released towards you in time of your needs. The seeds you are sowing into our countries/continent will become fruitful in the vineyard in Jesus’ name. Amen

We appreciate and thank you all.
God bless you.
Esther Amos, Nigeria.

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