Location: north, south, east, west, country, city, place: Sapeiman, Accra west
Today’s date: 4THApril, 2016
Report source: name, e-mail address: Patience Mensah (
Present work:Follow up Training
Training:Paradigm Shift and the Role of the Church in our Society
– Date of training: March 7, 14 & 21, 2016

– Place where the event happened:Sapeiman, Accra West- Ghana
– Number of participants: 54

History: Since our partnership with PATCI in 2012, we have done several training’s with the mother church and the various ministries. In the month of March 2016, we had the opportunity in sharing with the youth ministry.
The Church declared March as the month of evangelism and our meetings were meaningful to the participants because, they gained new understanding on who Jesus is and how his followers should behave. The role of the church in our society was a powerful topic as well.The participants realized that their responsibilities as children of God in their societies is paramount in making God’s redemptive purpose through the church real.

Evaluation and ways to improve:The time allocation for the teachings did not favor for questions that needed clarifications. Together with the executives, we are planning to have time in the month of April to address their concerns on the topics.

OUTCOME: The leadership of the ministry has implored their members to put the teachings into action. They also encouraged the youth to be more involved in the promoting of the wholistic teachings both in words and deeds
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