Location: Sapeiman, Accra West
Today’s Date: July 3rd2016
Report Source: Patience Mensah,
Date of training: June 26th 22016
Activity: Church Training(Power and Truth church Int.)

Number of participants: 82
Place: Sapeiman, Accra West
Topic: The Church as a window

The women’s department of the Power and Truth church Int. located in Sapeiman a suburb in Accra West with a population of over 700 had its annual convention from 22-26 of June 2016 and I taught for two days (22 and 26 of June 2016) and the theme was “Effective evangelism.” The two days training had 113 members attending. This church is developing gradually towards the full intentions of God concerning his church. The church is putting in much effort to develop in all the areas of life.

I believe a time is coming when PATCI will become a model church inits community to the glory of God. Some few testimonies shared portrays that the total well being of its members is now very dear to them. The everyday attacking of the devil and its demons is lessening. The community and its environment is now a concern to the church as well. To God be the glory.

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june 12

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