Ghana : STORY REPORT FOR THE MONTH OF September 2016

Location: Pokuase, Accra West
Today’s Date: October4th2016
Report Source: Patience Mensah,

. Present work: Vision casting
b. Training:Paradigm Shift
– Date of training: September 5th2016
– Place where the event happened: Pokuase Accra West, Ghana
– Number of participants: 6

Our passion is to see the will of God done on earth and this affects every sector of our lives. The working sector is also part of our target audience. The Markels vocational school is among the few private institutions in Pokuase about 20km away from the city and their mission is to give practical training in decorations and catering services to the youth of the society. As I met with the students,our discussion was on the ambition of the Christian and the kingdom value system.


At the end of our meeting, they realized that their way of seeing things should not differ from that of God. It is my prayer that as they have determined to participate in the Wholistic club in Pokuase they will have a clear understanding of how to totally live their lives for Christ.


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