Location: N’Zerekore, ( South-East )
Today’s date: March 06, 2016
Report source: Jean-Baptiste Gbanamou (

I praise God for making it possible to accomplish two days wholistic training and one night Jesus Film showing in Bossou, a Manon Church district headquaters about 55 km outside N’Zerekore. The Manon Church has organized the training for Evangelistic team leaders. This kind of small group training helps to interact easily with the trainees and people understand better the lessons.

Present Work: Jesus film and Wholistic Training for evangelistic team leaders.

Materials coverered during the training were :

  •  Salvation presentation : Romans 5:8 /The four spritual laws
     The Responsibilities of the New Life
     The Role of the Church in the sociaty
     The discipline of Love
     The Three Relationships of Man
     Loving God / Loving Our Neigbors
     Extending the Kingdom

Date: 12 – 13 February 2016
Training Participants : 15 church leaders and 4 Pastors
Jesus film viewers: 200
DoL reported:

• To practice the teachings, participants went around in the city sharing the gospel. 32 people received Christ. It was reported that 17 of them attended church the following Sunday. Glory to God!
• On our second day of training, we had permission from the school authority to presente the Gospel to the Bossou elementary school students, near our training center, before entering their classrooms in the morning. Children were excited to pray to accept Christ .

How people understood and embrace the vision:
The trainees learned how to share actively their faith and started learning how to train others.

Evaluation and Prayers:
The Manon Church has about 22 locales churches in 4 different districts. The vision is to train evangelistic teams in all of them in 2016.
 Pray for Gods wisdom and guidance to complete my Action Plan for the year.
 Pray for my health. Since February 20, I am suffering from a severe rheumatism pain day and night for 13 days. I am now walking with a stick from my bedroom to the living room.
 Pray for a sustainable ministry partners for our family.

juan 1 juan 2 juan 3 juan 4 juan 5

Training Sessions
juan 6
Sharing the Gospel one to one
juan 7
The Bossou Elementary school

juan 10
The Bossou District Evangelical committee

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