Location:N’Zerekore, ( South-East ) Guinea
Today’s date: April 05, 2016
Report source: Jean-Baptiste Gbanamou  (

History: This month has been a great challenge of my faith.On Saturday February 20, I was helping a neighbor with his car and I got nervous chock in my back. From that day until the first week of March, I couldn’t sleep without pain all nights and all days. I was taking to the hospital but the pain could not come down. I couldn’t seat straight or lay down straight. I had to use armchair to adjust my body to reduce the pain. The diagnostic shows severe rheumatism and nerve problem. For the last three weeks, God has greatly helped. Brothers and sisters got in prayer. The pain has greatly reduced. I can now sleep and spend the days driving around with less pain. But I am still using walking-stick to walk long distances and pain is severe in my legs if I laydown straight on bed.

During the 45 days at home, God helped me grow more spiritually (more readings, meditating and praying). It has also be an opportunity for me to see the fruits of my passed trainings: all the trainings this month were done by two pastors I have previously trained.

Present Work:Wholistic Training and church discipleship.

Network: Trainingof Evangelistic Team Leaders covered:

  • Salvation – Responsabilities of the New Life – Worldview – Church as a window – The three relationship of man (the wheel of Wisdom).

Dates: February 26 – 28, 2016             DJEKE Church:                               53 Participants

March 11 – 12, 2016                     BOUNOUMA Church:                25 Participants
March 18 – 19, 2016                    YALENZOU Church                     19 Participants

DoL  reported:

  • As deacon in my church, I helped with the leadership board to recon ciliate two families whose relationship is giving a very bad image of Christ in our community. Here is the story:The son of the President of the Church and the daughter of the Ladies President of the Church were married in December 2015. Now the two families are filling in divorce for the young couple who are high school students and always arguing. The situation has created a misunderstanding between the two families and the Pastor. The Pastor is accusing the families and the families are accusing the Pastor. The girl has returned in her family. The church and the community are perplexed. We are praying for God’s Wisdom and guidance. (follow the story next month)
  • In BOUNOUMA and YALENZOU towns, traininees cleanned the market places that were very dirty and noboby care about. Asked why they were doing that, trainees responded that Jesus commanded them because He is a God of beauty and He love the village and the people. People gave their lifes to Christ for the testimony.

Evaluation and Prayers:

  • Praise Godfor miraculously providing for my family finance need this month. Also, my health is getting better each day.

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