Jean-Baptiste Gbanamou,Guinea JANUARY 2016 MINISTRY STORY

Location: N’Zerekore, ( South-East ) Guinea
Today’s date: February 05, 2016
Report source: Jean-Baptiste Gbanamou (
God made it possible for us to start well our Action Plan for 2016 as planned, with 6 days outreach program in three villages outside N’Zerekore (GBONOMA, GBEATA and GBENEWILI). We traveled 300 km mostly on rocky hills road. A story told by the villagers in GBEATA, said that the 4×4 vehicle used by a fetcher to come in the village turned over accidentally on one of these hills. The vehicle was smashed and all the glasses broken. But our car, a simple van, returned safely. That helps the people to trust and encourages us about our awesome God. To Him all the Glory. In the 3 villages, about 2550 people hear the Gospel and 321 accepted Jesus plus 2 town chiefs.

Present Work: Jesus film and wholistic Training for new believers

We show the film two nights in each village and give first follow up in the mornings before the villagers go to farms. For the people spending the day in town, the outreach team of 9 people went door to door to ask feed back of the film, reenforce the message and share the Gospel. About 26 % of the converts were from the door to doors and the morning follw ups. Members of the team have received part of the wholistic training. Now I watch them practicing and give them more practical ways while we are on the field.

Date: January 25 – 30 : 2550 exposed
: 110 First follow up

Discipline of Love reported:
GBEATA village is on a hill. Many efforts to dig well has failed. Even with drill machines. About 250 m at the bottom of the village, there is a water point prepared for everybody to go for water. Mainly women and children go. The road to go down there is so raid that I cannot personally take 20 liters up the hill to the village. During my visit to the water site, on the second day of our program, I found a tree lay-down across the road giving hard time to the already tired women and children to climb the hill with water. Many time people have fall there and waste their water.This has been there for a long time. It was a good opportunity for me to teach the new converts about the responsibilities of a christian in his community, to portray Jesus character through Love Actions. This was a good one. They selected few people and we went to cut off the tree. Children and women were very happy and they thank God for the release. Before the film that night, we show pictures of the action on the screen and told the people that this is what happens and many more in the community when people accept Jesus. That night the town chief accepted publicly Christ with many others.

How people understood and embrace the vision:
The people are curious and want to understand more about Christianity

The people in the region are mostly idol worshipers and they are tired with it. Because their lives situation is always the same: no peace, no hope elsewhere, fear, poverty… But they cannot do other wise because they don’t know who to turn to. If a town chief accept Christ publicly, it shows he is defying the fear of the people he lead to try a new God. The God of they fathers has fail them. What opportunity to press on proclaiming Jesus, the New God in theses villages.
Jean-Baptiste Setting upJean-Baptiste Setting up 1Jean-Baptise Setting up 2
Jean-Baptiste setting up projections and training Jonathan
People Responding to callPeople Responding to call 2People Responding to call 1
People responding to call: in the center photo, town Chief in GBEATA responding publicly

Door to door and follow up Door to door and follow up 1 Door to door and follow up 2

Door to door sharing , in the market and cafes and Follow up meeting in the morning.

New Converts Attending their 1st service New converts attending 1st service 2 New Converts Attending their 1st service 1

New Converts attended their first Sunday in a nearby local church, on Jan.31    GBENEWILY town chief here in the center

Love Action in GBEATA village Love Action in GBEATA village 3 Love Action in GBEATA village 2



Love Action in GBEATA village 1

Love Action in GBEATA village

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