K. Enyonam Happy Aziadekey, South Togo, Lome. JANUARY MINISTRY STORY REPORT

Location: South Togo, Lome
Today’s date: 10th February 2016

Report source (name and e-mail): K. Enyonam Happy Aziadekey, kenyohappy@gmail.com

1. History: The work started in Lome in 2003 and so far we did network, teaching, TOT, mentorship, teaching by trainees.
2. Present Work: Training for women and mentorship in south of Lome.

We network with women in the community of Kodome.

I trained 12 women of Kodome community, the five of January in the temple of MESA Kodome, south of Lome, about the three relationship of man; focusing the physical one. I dialed in this area with the use of time, by letting them know that the time is a precious gift God gave to man. Knowing it value and make a good use of it will set us free from poverty.
A woman testified that she qualified her husband as extremist when she is seeing the way he used the time. But now she understood and she will change.

I started a mentoring program with Ama 13th January in my office. By this program I am preparing this young man to be a facilitator.
I had problem with my camera. Sorry for not add any photo.

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