Location:  Bamako/MALI
Today’s date: March 04, 2016
Report source (name and e-mail): Nata DAO Emmanuel
Period covered by the activity: February 2016

DOL: In our villages, women are ‘’forgotten’’ in the sharing of the money earned from the selling of the farm products (particularly cotton). Then, many women financially depend on their husbands and that situation creates some troubles some times. So we helped a village church women with some material (see picture 1). The next Sunday, they celebrated the Lord for the donation (see picture 2) and made shea butter (pictures 3&4 ) aiming to their financial autonomy and participation to the church ministry.

  • Date: Saturday, February 20
  • Number of beneficiaries: about 20 women
  • Place: Tandio (South-Est)
  • Organization: Church

Mali 1 Mali 2

Mali Mali 3

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