Location: Bamako/MALI
Today’s date: April 01, 2016
Report source(name and e-mail):Nata DAO Emmanuel
Period covered by the activity: March 2016

Teaching. (1).I have been blessed with two opportunities to teach. The first gathered about 50 young boy and girls from different churches/denominations at Easter (Monday, March 28). I shared with them on: Our needs and God’s intentions. We gathered at a Christian NGO office compound in Bamako.

(2).Introduction to the Gospels was the subject I had in charge for my second term teaching at Bethel Institute in Koutiala (South Mali)this year. So, on Thursday March 03, I’ve been privileged to teach through the Gospels, the Paradigm shift. I had 2 classes gathered in one, 26 students. I made them watch first a film about the topic (see pict. 3,4). No need to say the students, future pastors, were eager to know more about the biblical leadership.
Mali feb

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