Mercy Ship Crew End One Month Training at The Samaritan House(Amasaman-Fise) In Accra

By this shall all me know that you are my disciples if you love one another” John 13:34-35.

After one month of intensive wholistic transformational training program, the the 5th group of Mercy Ships African crew members graduated from our Worldviews and Development program from Samaritan House, Accra, Ghana.

For many of the participants, it was a real eye opener, life transforming and impactful as they have learnt not only to love God but to also love their neighbors as themselves and also reflect Christ in their work and daily life.

ended three weeks training programme with Samaritan Strategy at Fise in Accra on World View and Development

Mercy ship is an international Christian Medical Ship which offers free medical care to sick people across the world. The Crew member were from Nigeria , Ghana, Sierra Leone and Madagascar.
Speaking to Peace fm at the closing ceremony, the Director of the West Africa Office of Samaritan Strategy Dr Christopher Ampedu said The training was aimed at equipping them with the required godly knowledge and attitude to serve on the ship.

Mercy Ship crew require godly attitude, selfless spirit and the desire to serve humanity sacrificially to promote the wellbeing of people.

He said the world has become interdependent hence the need for everyone to be ready to seek the progress and wellbeing of others to help make the world a safe , peaceful and comfortable place to live.

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