Country: NIGERIA
Date: 01-31 of March, 2016.
Report source (name and e-mail): Esther Amos (

The month of March was primarily a month of spiritual emphasis. Awesome Hope church decided to open the spiritual window so that brethren will experience spiritual revival.
Starting from the 14th till 27th of March, a prayer and fasting programme was declared. The church met every day from 6 to 8pm for prayers on different aspects of our lives, community, state and Nigeria as a whole.
Four guests ministers were invited to coordinate and minister on different days: The ministers included:
 Pastor Godwin Isaac
 Pastor Bukola David
 Evangelist Wole Olayiwola – ministered in drama
 Pastor Leke Akingboye
At the end of the programme, the church witnessed increased commitments, healings and additions of new members to the church. God’s name is gloried. Praise God.
Nigeria feb
The programme flyer for the fourteen days fasting and prayer

Discipline of love
In one of our 2013 events report, we reported about the young man (Ernest Chinenye Obasi), who had no accommodation and could not afford to rent a place. We decided to take him into our new apartment which we moved in on the 22nd of March, 2013.
We constructed a one room self contained apartment on our land where he occupied for three years until March 2016.
We sponsored Bro Ernest for a two year skill acquisition training in electrical works. After the completion of the learning process, customers began to patronize him. He is now able to work for clients who require his services. By these, he is able to raise sustenance for himself and his aged mom plus his junior ones who mostly depended upon assistance.
Having established himself, I and my husband assisted him to rent an apartment not far away from the church. We paid for the rent for one year upfront ($500.00) so that he could start a new life on his own outside our house. He moved into the property on the 19th of March.

Nigeria feb1

Bro Ernest Chinenye Obasi in his new apartment
After Bro Ernest moved out from our one room apartment, we again decided to assist another young boy (Noel Nimfas -20years) from Adamawa state.
Noel’s father died in February this year at Adamawa state. Before his father died, he (the father) requested us to assist his son (Noel) in whatever capacity we can to train him.
We agreed to bring Noel to take over the room apartment left by Bro Ernest. He has since moved in to stay with us.
We have already arranged to train him in the use of Bass guitar and the keyboard as he has shown some interest in learning how to play these equipments. He will be commencing the training on the 4th of April 2016. We will pay $61 per month for him to be trained for a period of three months.
After the training, we will enrol him for private teaching classes for West African School Certificate (WASC) exams.
When he makes his papers we intend to send him to a college or university to enable him have a college degree.
Nigeria feb main
Bro Noel Nimfas in the apartment left by Bro Ernest

We need partners who would join us to sponsor Bro Noel’s education to a minimum of a college degree. It will cost around $2000 annually for him to be trained in the college in Nigeria.

We are saying a big thank you to all our supporters who have selflessly given financial support and prayer backing to the harvest ministry work in West Africa. May your labour of love not be in vain. May the Lord raise help for you in time of your needs. The seeds you are sowing into our countries/continent will become fruitful in the vineyard in Jesus’ name. Amen

We appreciate and thank you all. God bless you.
Esther Amos, Nigeria.

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