Location: N’Zerekore( South East of Guinea )
Today’s date:July 9, 2016
Report source :Jean-Baptiste Gbanamou (

We thank God that he has made it possible for us to achieve the STEP 3A of our SamS project. After two years since we had our last Vision conference, we taught it could be  difficult to lay hands on our potential participants. Only three of the selected one could not participate because of travel and pregnancy. Just a week after the training, Rachel who really intended to take part, gave birth to a beautiful bebe. Glory to God. She say we have to get her even with the those who participated.

Present work:TOT IN CONAKRY

  • Equiping key church leaders to facilitate Sams training


  • Overview of Samaritan Strategy training
  • Learning methodology
  • Facilitation practices in small and large groups


 Date: Mai 31 – June 4

History: During the training we noticed that the trainees have been discouraged to teach the Samaritan lessons because they did not know how to do it properly.

Only few of them kept on teaching what helped them more but they did not do it as to disciple people.

On June 11, 2016, 22 of the participants at the training attended an evaluation meeting. At the meeting we emphasize the need of everyone to review our materials and understand the main topic of every lesson. They will be doing that in 4 different groups we formed. We planned for that to be achieved by September. By the end of September, all facilitators will meet to evaluate  their progress.

Additional materials was given to the team to help members understand what is Samaritan Strategy and Harvest.

I later met with chosen team leaders for follow up instructions.

How people understood and embraced the vision:

Trainees reported that the training helped them and released them to be able to start sharing properly now what they have learned two years ago.

Evaluation and ways to improve:

We may probably change some dates in the Project Proposal.

SPECIAL PRAYER:Pray for a national recognition of the Samaritan Strategy Ministry by all churches in Guinea.
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