Country: NIGERIA
Date: 01-30th of June, 2016.

Report source (name and e-mail): Esther Amos (


The small group training in June was primarily focused on the areas of ABCs of culture.

We observed overtime that the community where the church is located is predominantly occupied by people who have strong cultural ties. This development affects many aspects of their relationships even when they have confessed Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

It was in view of this fact that the church decided to focus on the ABCs of culture in the month under review so as to address the lies dictating the behavioural pattern of the community.

As a result, many aspects of cultural beliefs were addressed and the way forward proffered. The training’s also exposed the participants to various aspects of lies in the community belief system that Satan has used over the years to cage the people.

We recorded a number of testimonies confirming a better insight and understanding of the Biblical world view. God’s name was glorified.

juune 1 juuneSmall group training in sessions


We carried out a discipline of love in our neighbours’ compound on the 8th, 9th and 10th of June. We excavated an area in our compound for the purpose of constructing a septic tank. The sand obtained from the excavation was used to sand filled the compound of our neighbours for free. Their compound has been a subject of perennial flooding every year during the rainy seasons.
This brought a lot of joy and relief from the annual frustration they face. They were very thankful and God’s name was glorified.

Juune 3Filling of our neighbours compound with excavated sand

On the 18th we paid for a tipper load of hardcore materials which we used part for a septic tank construction and the remaining was used to fill some failed portions of Lamidi Ariyo street. I and my husband were assisted by Ernest and Noel to move the hard core to the damaged portions of the road.
The road over the years has had no government presence as we had to routinely maintain it annually. The neighbours were thankful for this act of God’s love and glorified God.
The month under review also witnessed several disciplines of love in the areas of provision of food stuff, financial assistance and other aspects to the following people:
1. Mrs Titus, who moved into the community newly from Adamawa state (one of the states under emergency rule because of the Boko Haram activities) and had a baby girl recently.
2. Esther (Also a young girl who was put in a family way by an irresponsible young man who refused to take responsibility). Esther is currently taking shelter in an uncompleted building apartment with her new baby girl. The church is doing all we could to rehabilitate her and her baby.
3. Mr & Mrs Jairus (This couple are presently going through accommodation challenge. This is due to the amount spent on the delivery of their baby through caesarean section. The family spent all they had on hospital bill and it now affected their ability to pay their rent).
4. Pastor & Mrs Ayodele- A couple who also are passing through a difficult time that they could not afford to feed their children. We reached out to them with food stuff and some money to assist them.
All glory to God.
Juune 4

Juune 5
Moving the hardcore materials to the failed portions on the street

We are saying a big thank you to all our supporters who have selflessly given financial support and prayer backing to the harvest ministry work in West Africa. May your labour of love not be in vain. May the Lord raise help for you in time of your needs. The seeds you are sowing into our countries/continent will become fruitful in the vineyard in Jesus’ name. Amen

We appreciate and thank you all. God bless you.
Esther Amos, Nigeria.

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