Location: north, south, east, west, country, city, place: Fise, Amasaman, Accra west -Ghana.

Today’s date: February 4th 2016
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In January 2016 the following activities took place and they are: 2 Small group meetings in Amasaman, Accra west; Discipline of Love at Nsawam Hospital Eastern Region, Ghana and Accra follow up meeting with the wholistic clubs in Fise, Accra West.

The Amasaman wholistic club met twice in January 2016 on the 10th and 17th respectively with 23 persons participating. The meetings were held to pray and deliberate on our action plan for the year 2016 and how they can be achieved.

The members of the Amasaman wholistic club visited The Maternity block of the Nawam Municipal Hospital located in the Eastern part of Ghana. The purpose of our visit was to serve the mothers and also support the needy ones financially. I thank God for the move because there were two mothers who had pre-mature babies and were uncertain of the outcome but our prayers and God’s assurance through his word brought relief to the suffering mothers. The total number of mothers present were 8 and was done on January 27th 2016.

The follow up meeting with the Accra wholistic clubs was on 16th January 2016 with 28 persons in attendance.  Mrs. Adwoa Ampadu was the guest speaker and she spoke on the stages of menopause and its’ effects. She also highlighted on how to manage the effects. On the same day, the participants gain training in the preparation of beans cake and local soda.

OUTCOME: The participants who attended the meeting gained an appreciation and understanding of old age and its challenges. Thank God as I write this report, one of the ladies is into the sales of the local soda.

Mrs. Adwoa Ampadu impacting knowledge to the audience
Mrs. Adwoa Ampadu impacting knowledge to the audience

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