South Togo, Lome : STORY REPORT FOR THE MONTH OF September 2016

Location: South Togo, Lome
Today’s date: 6th October2016

Report source (name and e-mail): K. Enyonam Happy Aziadekey,

1. History: The work started in Lome in 2003 and so far we did network, teaching, TOT, mentorship, teaching by trainees.

2.Present Work:Teenagers’ Discipleship, Vision casting and Church trained.

We network with, MESA Kodome, UEECA and Sinai Evangelical Church

Discipleship training with MESA Kodome Teenagers still goes on in their common place every Sunday morning of September. Atsu assisted by Joseph are the trainers and using BASICS1 as teaching material. 16 teenagers who started the training are regular up to now and give great interest to the topics.

From 13th to 16th September, I did vision conference in the temple of Bread of Life Baptist Church of AgouGare, located at South east of Togo and distant of 110 Km from Lome, going to Kpalime. The program is organized in network with Africa Services and UEECA (meaning Union of Evangelical and Charismatic Churches of Agou). They are 28 pastors and elders coming from 15 various Denominations and ten different localities to attend the program. Participants are very satisfied; and according to their testimonies, they had their mind changed and they got now God’s vision about the Great Commission.


On 27th and 28th September, I did Church trained about the temple of Sinai Evangelical Church of Awatame, located at South West of Lome. Participants are 45 the first evening; and 68 the second evening. All testimonies givenshown that they understood that bible is the only story that can transform a person to the image of God. They then took decision to read it, study it and apply it to their life.

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