The Ofori Manu Family Donates Books to the Samaritan Community Library At Fise – Amasaman

The Samaritan Library was built with the sole aim to bless and the Fise – Amasaman Community . This vision was actualized when The Ofori Manu family partnered with Samaritan Strategy.

The Books in the pictures below were donated by The Ofori Manu family of Austin, Texas – USA .

You are welcome to visit us or also Contribute in Cash or Kind to expand this vision.

We are very grateful to The Ofori Manu Family of Austin, Texas – USA. God Bless you for your continuous friendship and partnership.

Library 1

Team Members Unpacking Books

Library 2 Library 3

Team Members Arranging Books In Coram Deo

Library 4

Library 5

Dr Chris together with the team expressing their Joy and Gratitude after A Good Job Done

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