Location: South Togo, Lome
Today’s date: 2nd March 2016
Report source (name and e-mail): K. Enyonam Happy Aziadekey,

1. History: The work started in Lome in 2003 and so far we did network, teaching, TOT, mentorship, teaching by trainees.
2. Present Work: Training for women, mentorship and Church trained in south and South East of Lome.

Network: We network with women in the community of Kodome MESA Church of Amadahome and Missionaries.

I continued the training about “The use of time” with women of the community of Kodome. For this second session, they were 48. I led them worked in small groups to identify themselves things that eat their time and find solution for them; and reported it to the assistance. It was amazing to hear them reporting useless things with which the spend time and that ruin their spiritual and physical life.
We didn’t finish the topic; we will continue it the 8 of March in the same place. The training is done in the Temple of MESA Kodome, located in South of Lome; and has one hour and half duration. Before starting the teaching, I received the testimonies of three women about the first session. The number of participants of the second session increased because of the testimonies the 12 who attended the first session.

I started a mentoring program for 15 missionaries I have chosen among those I trained years ago. It is quarterly program of 6 hours and 45 minutes duration (from 8:30 am to 3: 15 pm) with 45 minutes of break and lunch. I led them deeper in Jesus, Our Model of Growth and Service, The Three Relationship of Man & the Wheel of Wisdom and The Irreducible Minimum. All of them were satisfied because they have a depth understanding of the topics than before and also understood more Seed Actions. They were not full time missionaries; they work in open days and spend weekends for mission. They work in four various villages and every team presented his planning for his village. The training is done 13th February 2016 in the Temple of MESA Adidogome, located in South East of Lome. We will do the next mentorship on 10th May at the same time and in the same place. But we will meet on 10th March from 6:30 to 8:00 pm to go through the exercise about Wisdom according to The Wheel of Wisdom.


                                                         Discussion in field group



TOGO 3TOGO 4                                                              Presentations 

Church trained.
I did three days Church trained, from 12th to 14th February in MESA Amadahome about Personal Devotion. The Topic is focussing the spiritual growth of those Church members by leading them to live in intimicy with their Lord and Saviour. It was dealing with finding time everyday to spend before God by praising and whorshiping Him, reading and meditating a bible passage, listening God and praying according to His will for himselft, for others and for any other request you know or God will lay on your heart.
The teaching started on Friday 12th February evening from 6:30 to 8;00 pm, continued on Saturday 13th at the same time and ended on Sunday 14th in the morning service in the Temple of that church, located in South East of Lome. 82 participants attended the teaching, the follow-up will be done in some months.


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