Location: South Togo, Lome
Today’s date: 5th April2016
Report source (name and e-mail): K. Enyonam Happy Aziadekey,

1. History: The work started in Lome in 2003 and so far we did network, teaching, TOT, mentorship, teaching by trainees.
2.Present Work: Training for women, teenagers’ discipleship training, mentorship and training in CAPRO School.

We network withwomen in the community of Kodome MESA Church, MESA Kodome and CAPRO training School.

On 5th March 2016, I was programed in CAPRO Training School of Lome to teach about the spiritual growth and as topic the intimacy with God for three hours. Ten students from various local churches attended the training dealing with “Knowing the will of God and obey itlike Jesus, our model of Growth and service”. The teaching focused the personal growth and transformation of the students who were very blessed and satisfied by the facilitation, according to their testimonies.

I did the third and the last session of training about the “The use of time”for the women of the community of Kodome. In spite of the big rain that fell this afternoon of 8th March 2016, 39 women were gathered in MESA temple of Kodome, in south of Lome, for the last session of the teaching. Some women testified the transformation they are improving by practicing the teaching about the use of time, and it was amazing testimonies.This last session was mainly discussions about the practicability of the topic. Many practical contributions were given by the participantsin order to do things and be on time in programs.
The second teenagers’ promotion of discipleship started on 13thmarch and continued 20th of the month in a room of MESA Kodome, leading by Atsu. The training has held every Sunday morning during the church service time. It’s a special program the church I lead adopted as discipleship program for teenagers before integrating adults assembly. So from 8:30 to 11:00 am, they do their prayer, praises, worship and teaching by using BASICS1. 16 teenagers are involved in the program.

In my planning of this year, I have a mentorship program for the Three youth and teenagers leaders of the local church I lead.I did the first mentorship session with them on 12th march in my office. I led them through the base of Wholistic Development according to Luke 2: 52.
I spent one hour and a half for coaching them and help them with many examples and stories to have more understanding of the Wholistic Development. Their names are: Atsu, Edem and Daniel.

I am sorry for the lack of photos.

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