Location: South Togo, Lome
Today’s date: 6thJune2016
Report source (name and e-mail): K. Enyonam Happy Aziadekey,

1. History: The work started in Lome in 2003 and so far we did network, teaching, TOT, mentorship, teaching by trainees.
2.Present Work:Discipleship training and Pastors’ training.

We network with, MESA Kodome, Youth with a Missionand Africa Services.

From 17 to 19 of May, I did Evening classes training in Youth with a Mission Discipleship School of Lome, in south of Lome. They are seven (7) students and I have been asked to teach about the Leadership of Service. After the introduction that explained Leader and leadership of the first session, I spent the two last sessions on Paradigm Shift. Each session has two hours of duration. At the end, every one of them testified about how he is touched and challenged by the topic.

I networked with Africa Services in Pastors’ Training Program in Evangelical Apostolic Training School (CAFEM) of Kpele, located in South East of Togo and distant of 88 km from Lome. In that program, I taught 37Pastors aboutDiscipleship and Evangelism
Every one of them is a local church leader. They are from 19 various Denominations and 13 various localities. At the end, every pastor decided to sensitize his local Church for and outreach evangelism on 29th May.
Praise God! They did it all
happy mayhappy may1A part of participant during the training   Group photo of participants

Atsu continued to teach teenagers in BASICS1 every Sunday morning form 9: 00 to 11:00 during the month of May. The 16 teenagers are punctual and more and more interested by the teaching.


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